Rob Delaney Defends Women In Comedy

This week while  promoting his terribly titled book, “Not Taco Bell Material,” self proclaimed comedian Adam Carolla was doing an interview with the New York Post and ended up saying some pretty ridiculous things. “The reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks,” Carolla said. He went on to dig himself deeper and didn’t back down from the idea that men are funnier than women.

First of all, we don’t need to point out the irony here that Adam Carolla isn’t that funny of a guy. He was awful on Loveline, he was awful as a guest star on Dawson’s Creek, and the entire ethos and idea of The Man Show was well, awful.

Rob Delaney with Cleveland funny man Mike Polk at the Grog Shop last week. Photo by R. Rivas

Cue intelligent comic. Rob Delaney on the other hand seems pretty brilliant. Rising to fame on Twitter, Delaney made a name for himself with kwips of genius 144 characters at a time (proof). He balances crass vulgarities with intelligent pointed observations. He’s self loathing AND cocky. He’s dirty AND respectful. I’ve read the column he wrote for Vice Magazine about depression, addiction, and comedy many times, as well as his observations on the absurdity of the oppression of women, gays and minorities. I’m amazed at his ability to appear as if he’s going for the cheap obvious joke, but below the surface lies layer after layer. The point is, this guy is hilarious and smart, and I’m super bummed that I missed his two sold-out shows at the Grog Shop last week.

Yesterday, Rob Delaney responded to Adam Carolla’s attempt at getting press. On his tumblr, Delaney muses about seeing UCB for the first time, and having a hard time hiring women writers because they are so in demand. He closes out his post with this:

 I don’t feel like a feminist as I write this. I feel like a humanist. I am a comedian, and I am and will remain a consumer of comedy until the day I die, and I know in my bones that the funniest shit in the world was, is and will remain women and men working together. To suggest otherwise is ignorance.

You can read Delaney’s entire post here. Then follow him on twitter, @RobDelaney. Then follow us on twitter, @CellarDoorCLE.

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