By Nikki Delamotte

September 14-16
Docks 30 and 32 (on the lakefront north of the Browns stadium)


This year, more than ever before, IngenuityFest is bringing in a broader lineup of artists from across the continent to highlight their usual range of local Midwest talent. And while we’re excited to see some of our favorite Cleveland mainstays – Megachurch and The Very Knees to name a few – the 2012 festival also entertains a full roster of breakout artists to watch. In addition to the complete lineup, there will also be featured spaces presented by The Coventry Kids and returning experimental collective Rubber City Noise.

Wild Orphans

Wild Orphans

Electronic has always been in the forefront of the tech-heavy festival and headliners Dragonette, hailing from Toronto, follow suit. Best known for that catchy love-it-or-hate-it smash Martin Sloveig collaboration “Hello,” the rest of Dragonette’s catalog actually borders industrial-tinged glamour-pop – think Goldfrapp. They’re joined by their street-smart, disco-worshipping Brooklynite tourmates The Knocks. Locally, Uno Lady’s established haunting one-woman looping returns to the festival along with another fresh female voice (and longtime friend of Cellar Door), Shannon Klaur, who performs with synth-pop sweethearts Wild Orphans. Throwback act Gossip Culture, who are bringing in guest musicians to add to their synth-heavy set, and neo-soul meets chillwave artist Freeze-Tag will perform on the tails of his release Wldflwr_hny. Also, performing on Saturday, Cleveland instrumental artist Johnny LaRock will be returning to the stage.



R. Ring, the new project of Kelley Deal (The Breeders) and Mike Montgomery (Ampline), grace the festival Friday night with their stripped-down, but all-around charming departure from their celebrated namesakes. Closing out Saturday, Ragers, the glam rock newcomers and brainchild of This Is a Shakedown!’s Brandon Zano, kick off their six-date tour with Jesse Smith & the Holy Ghost. Also sharing the stage that night are psychedelic surf-rock locals Gap Dream, who in addition to being recently mentioned in MTV Hive’s Five Overlooked Garage Rock Albums of 2012, may just be Cleveland’s best kept secret. In between, Hendrix-revivalist Thaddeus A.Greene promises a powerhouse live performance.

Denver’s twin sampling wonders Two Fresh bring hip-hop to the fest, backed by Cleveland forces Smoke Screen and Rhyme x Reason. Not to be missed on Sunday, alt-soul breakthrough diva Lorine Chia makes her weekend debut opening for the legendary R.A. Washington’s new soul project, The Family Dollar.

The open-air outdoor stage is a perfect setting for Saturday’s multi-instrumental folk favorites Jack and the Bear, who lead into the Latin-flavored electro-folk of Asthmatic Kitty recording artist, Brookyln’s Helado Negro.  Locals Bethesda, Blue Ribbon Bluegrass Band, and The Womack Family Band will also perform lakeside.

Check out more information about the festival on the official website. Track your festival weekend – with times, dates, and artist info — using their interactive schedule.

Complete Schedule:

HEADLINERS: Dragonette • Two Fresh • R. Ring • Helado Negro •  The Knocks • Secret Panda Society • Matuto • 1, 2, 3

Friday, September 14

1,2,3 • Attack Cat • Blue Ribbon Bluegrass Band • Debussi • Freeze-Tag • Jes Maybe • Matuto • Megachurch • Polina Kourakina • R.Ring • Revolution Brass Band • Rhyme x Reason • Smoke Screen • Two Fresh • Uno Lady • The Womack Family Band

Saturday, September 15

Black Eyed Keys • Broccoli Samurai • Gap Dream • Gossip Culture • Guy Pernetti • Hal Walker • Hawkeye • Helado Negro • Humachine • Jack & the Bear • Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost • Johnny La Rock • Jon Mancinetti • Josh Ottum • Leah Lou & The 2 Left Shoes • Me • Radio People • Ragers • Reed City • Secret Panda Society • Shivering Timbers • Thaddeus Anna Greene • Tree No Leaves • Uzizi • Wild Orphans • Zack Orr

Sunday, September 16

Anitakeys and Friends • Bethesda • Dragonette • Exo 4 • The Knocks • Lorine Chia • Nate Jones Band • R.A. Washington & The Family Dollar • S7Ghost + Furface • Shred Rot • Us, Today •The Very Knees



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