Music Review: Useless Eaters – Hypertension

Artist: Useless Eaters

Album: Hypertension

by Elijah Vazquez 

It’s rare for someone to sing, play, record, and kill the stage with presence. During their careers, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Bootsy Collins all reached points where it was easier to play every part in the whole damn song rather than involving a band. The task is often daunting, but with precision and diligence, it results in a display of songwriting execution that some groups never reach.

Seth Sutton learned a lot from spending time on the road with his friend, the late-great Jay Reatard, but since then has recorded 13 singles, 3 LPs and contributed to 2 compilations. The latest album, Hypertension (Jeffery Drag/French Kiss) was released in February and is gaining momentum from prodigious tour support, constant writing, and shouts from numerous blogs including MTV HiveHypertension has the repetitious nervous intensity that drives listeners closer and closer to the edge of their seat before sneeringly kicking it over. Throbbing rhythmic nods incited by monastic frenzied vocals brown the line between dance and spazz and never felt so good.

Useless Eaters start their Hypertension West Coast SXSW tour on March 6th and won’t stop till you get the point. If you don’t want to to be standing waiting for your late pass, pick up the new release and see them immediately. Shout out to Ricky Hamilton for smacking drums on the coast with a midwest grip.

Buy the LP+mp3 here or on iTunes here.


Here’s the MTV Link




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