NEW SERIES: New Tunes Tuesday – NOMADS

By Justin Markert

This is the first in a new weekly series. We love spreading the word about the music we’re into, both new and old. And we think we do pretty darn good job between booking shows, writing features on artists, and letting you know about upcoming events. With this new weekly series, we’ll aim to deliver new/current music to you in a quick, consumable way. Every Tuesday, we’ll embed an album from a band we’ve been digging. Free Tunes Tuesday will feature more than just artists/bands with ties to Cellar Door, it will be megaphone for whatever we’re hearing out there that we think should be heard more. So, on with the first band.

Artist: NOMADS


When you can see them: This Sunday at Mahall’s

NOMADS: Facebook Page

Suggested Tracks: Cleveland on the Square, Home

NOMADS is a post-rock/instrumental band from Cleveland that, despite having been around for about two years, is just now catching our attention. This is slightly embarrassing considering they’re constantly playing out- the band is in the middle of a regional tour of sorts, hitting Knoxville, NYC, Chicago, Columbus, Buffalo, and more.

Their self-titled album has become our default soundtrack as of late. These all-instrumental tracks don’t get too crazy in their structure, and the urgency weaved within that simplicity is what packs a punch. This is not to say that the album is simple, it’s anything but. The lush arrangements are reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky, but carve out their own very distinctive voice. Listen to the whole record and watch their great looking video below. It’s worth it.





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