By Justin Markert

We love spreading the word about the music we’re into, both new and old. And we think we do pretty darn good job between booking shows, writing features on artists, and letting you know about upcoming events. With this weekly series, we aim to deliver new/current music to you in a quick, consumable way. Every Tuesday, we’ll share some new music with you! Free Tunes Tuesday features more than just artists/bands with ties to Cellar Door, it’s a megaphone for whatever we’re hearing out there that we think should be heard more.

So Long, Albatross

Album: self titled

Songs: “Crutch” / “Wildfire”

Purchase: itunes / amazon / bandcamp

Next Show: 

Friday, November 22

WJCU Blizzard Bash
To Benefit The Greater Hunger Network of Cleveland

Welshly Arms
So Long, Albatross
We The People

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Yes- So Long, Albatross is on Cellar Door Records. We manage them and put out their music, and if that’s not a testament to how much we like them, I don’t know what is. If you like heavy riffs, a lock tight sound, infectious melodies, and incredible drummers, you should absolutely check out this band. And while the tracks below might melt your face, seeing them live will blow your mind.

So Long, Albatross will be performing live this Friday at The Happy Dog with Welshly Arms and We The People for WJCU Blizzard Bash. This annual event put on by the radio station at John Carroll raises money for The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland. The show is at 9:00pm and is $5.









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