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So Long, Albatross Singer Keith Vance Releases Solo Album

Vance-Cover (1)So Long Albatross singer Keith Vance released his latest solo album today. Smoke, the nine song album was performed, recorded, and produced by Vance himself, with additional mixing on two tracks by Jim Stewart and Dave Beans. The album was mastered by Adam Boose at Caulifower Audio. Smoke is currently available on iTunes and Spotify. More digital retailers as well as details for a physical release will be available soon.

Singer-songwriter Keith Vance has strong ties to Cellar Door. Back when Cellar Door was a coffee shop/music venue, his band The Wood and Wires was a regular favorite and contributed tracks toCellar Door Volume I in 2003. When Cellar Door relaunched in 2007, Keith contributed two solo tracks to Cellar Door Volume II and performed at the launch party at the Beachland Ballroom. In 2008, Cellar Door released Kill the Lights by The Slow Blade (with Vance as lead guitar), and Vance’s first solo record in 2010. Most notably, Cellar Door signed and now manages Vance’s latest band So Long Albatross, who has been making some serious waves in the Cleveland music scene for the past year.

Listen to the lead off track below.




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