Greater Cleveland Food Bank BrewHaha Ticket Giveaway + Newshoes Interview

brewhahalogoThe Greater Cleveland Food Bank Presents: BrewHaha

July 10 | 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Featuring comedy from Last Call Cleveland, music by Newshoes, and local craft brews

More info + tickets

Cellar Door is giving you the chance to win two tickets to BrewHaha – just tell us your favorite brew or favorite comedian in the comments below.


In 2013, The Greater Cleveland Food Bank provided some 39 million meals. To give some perspective, that’s one in six neighbors in our community who require assistance. Their staff and volunteers’ efforts put in to operating the community food distribution center reaches more than 700 food pantries, hot meal programs, shelters, mobile pantries, programs for the elderly, and other nonprofit agencies.

It goes without saying every bit of support for the Food Bank is invaluable – in fact, every dollar donated provides four nutritious meals to a hungry family in our city.  While fundraising to keep the wheels moving in the Food Bank’s fight against hunger year-round, one of our favorite events is the BrewHaha.

This Thursday, July 10 at the Food Bank Distribution Center, BrewHaha hands the night over to local comedy, local music, and local craft beer. The comedy show will be hosted by Bill Squire, co-host of the Alan Cox Show, and will feature the talents of comedy troupe Last Call Cleveland and local comedians including Josh Womack, Mary Santora, and Jake Solomon. Live music will also be provided by Newshoes.  Craft beer includes selections from Great Lakes Brewing Company, Fat Head’s Brewery and Saloon, Market Garden Brewery, the new Platform Brewery, and six more vendors.

Not only are we giving you a chance to win tickets to this Thursday’s festivities, Cellar Door has an interview to get you in the know about featured performing band Newshoes.



The three-piece founding members of Newshoes have known each other since high school, but it wasn’t until vocalist Brad Newshutz parted ways with the metal band he’d been touring with that the group started making music together. “I’d always played with these guys,” says Newshutz. “So, we decided let’s get this out of the basement and do something with it.”

In late 2011, the group released the Giants EP while already plotting and writing for their full-length. Their work finally came to fruition in 2014 with the release of the melodic The Family Band.



Cellar Door: The Family Band is your second release, which really has you sounding much fuller and plugged in, whereas the Giants EP seemed a little more stripped down. Are you feeling more comfortable in the sound we’re hearing on The Family Band?

Brad Newshutz: Giants was recorded for free by a friend in the Tri-C Recording Arts program. All the songs on Giants I had written when I was touring with this metal band. Nothing was really defined, it was done very fast. Half of it was recorded live.

The Family Band was definitely a lot more work – lyrically, Giants was more about a lot more of my struggles and The Family Band was a lot more fun and overcoming things over the past few years, finding peace if you will.

I don’t want to say we’ve outgrown The Family Band, but some of the songs on that album we were already writing when we were recording Giants. The sound is still morphing.

How was this album recorded?

A good friend of ours actually recorded a lot of heavier bands in the area. I live in a log cabin and we recorded most of it in my house – the sound in a wooden room is just amazing. We didn’t have much money and we held a fundraiser to help us pay for the recording. The process was definitely a lot smoother than Giants — we did two times the songs — and definitely a lot more fun.

Had you been testing out music for The Family Band in your live shows?

During the show when we released Giants, we played a song that was on The Family Band. We actually opened with it too. [laughs] The track “Lighthouse,” we’d been playing that song for quite some time. Six of the songs on The Family Band we tested live before we recorded.

You self-describe your sound as ‘Thrice-infused’ – how long have you been a fan, why does their sound resonate with you, and what can you tell us about your influences these days?

Thrice is definitely one of my biggest influences and I know a couple of the guys in the band can say the same thing. Every album from them is so different and they’ve really morphed over time – I’ve really been a fan for some time. These days, we’ve been lightening up. We’ve been pulling more from the classics, really trying to broaden our set.

One band I have been listening to a lot lately is Hollis Brown. They’re from New York, but one of the guys is one of my oldest friends. They play here a couple times a year.

Have you had any stand out shows? Favorite places to play?

There are a couple places here I haven’t played but really want to – we’d love to play the Beachland.

My favorite place we’ve played so far was when we had our fundraiser to record the album. We played a house show at my log cabin in Grafton. We’ve actually been having shows there for four years. It’s really intimate; the deck is low to the ground and everyone’s up close.

Keep up with Newshoes on Facebook and stream their new album on Bandcamp.


We’re giving away a pair of tickets to BrewHaha this Thursday, July 10 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Food Bank’s Food Distribution Center. For more information on how to buy tickets, visit the official website.

To enter:

1.)    Like The Greater Cleveland Food Bank on Facebook.

2.)    In the comments below, tell us your favorite brew or favorite comedian!




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