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Mixtape Masterpiece: Garrett from The Modern Electric


by Garrett Komyati

Garrett Komyati is the singer and piano/guitar player for Cleveland band The Modern Electric.


I know each one of these bands have newer material out, but I wanted to make sure that these tracks weren’t lost in time. I wanted to do my part to make sure that these songs are regarded as classics in the Cleveland Music Canon. They need to be heard and not forgotten.

Sergio From Rio – Kevin Spacey

I had to call up the band and ask them to put this song on Soundcloud for this article, because its only other online existence was in the bowels of Myspace. Though it may be rare, “Kevin Spacey” is absolute gold in my opinion. How could this have not been on the Billboard charts when it came out in the early 2000s? More people need to hear this hook!


Afternoon Naps – Beach Bums

The endlessly catchy riff that “Beach Bums” is built on,couldn’t repeat enough times for me. Afternoon Naps have the knack for writing happy, twinkling tracks with a twinge of sadness hidden underneath. This classic indie pop song is a perfect example of that talent.


The Moxies – Dead Man Walking (Live)

The Moxies are masterful performers and “Dead Man Walking” is always the peak of their live show. I’ve seen them use this Jack White-esque song many times to whip an audience into a screaming, sweaty frenzy. Somehow, every time I find myself diving into the mob and joining the madness.


Morgan Mecaskey – Two Men

When I first heard “Two Men”, it was introduced to me by a friend as Andrew Bird’s side project. Before I realized that I was being tricked, I admitted that I liked this voice and songwriting style much better. I was proud to learn that such a sweepingly beautiful tune came from a fellow Clevelander.


Jivviden – Scrawny Hipster Blues (Live)

With “Scrawny Hipster Blues,” you can tell that you are dealing with devoted psychedelic blues purists playing what they love. No tricks or trends, just authentic 70s groove. One of our new favorite bands to perform with, Jivviden are the kind of young Cleveland band to get excited about. The riff, the attitude, the swagger; it’s all there on this track.





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