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Slothrust Bring Their Power Slop to the Beachland on Saturday (Ticket Giveaway)

Slothrust_-Of-Course-You-Do-_Ba-Da-Bing__“”I like cats, do you like cats? / Of course you do, you sassy motherfucker”

On Of Course You Do, the recent album from Brooklyn based Slothrust, singer/guitarist Leah Wellbaum is a force to be reckoned with, and it sneaks up on you. On the single “Crockpot,” the song starts with a quiet bass line that brings to mind early 2000’s college rock like The Sea and Cake.  Wellbaum’s vocal comes in soft but by her second line her tone changes and you can feel the intensity brewing. By a minute in it’s clear that Slothrust aren’t messing around.

The trio rounded out by bassist Kyle Bann and drummer Will Gorin, are said to have a jazz background but you can’t hear it in the music. The band’s strengths lie equally in their personality and songwriting, an equal balance that is often hard to find. Their sound jumps from soothing to jarring often many times in the same song in a way  keeps you paying attention but feels unforced. Even their cover of The Turtles classic “Happy Together” is chock full of angular twists and turns (see vid below).

“Wellbaum and the crew craft playful, tightly instrumented visions of psychic dysfunction, inflatable lovers, worm regurgitation, cat appreciation and Satan.” Says Timeout New York about the band. “It’s music for long-haul road trips in busted cars, where the destination is a club that smells awful but the crowd is cool.”

Slothrust will be at the Beachland Tavern on Saturday September 20th with So Long Albatross and Dead East Garden. Show starts at 9:00pm and tickets are $10 and we’re giving a pair away. Read how to enter after the videos!

Want a free pair of tickets? It’s easy just leave a comment, any comment and we’ll choose a winner at random tomorrow at 4:00pm!




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