THIS WEEK: Great Lakes Theater to End 2014-2015 Season with The Tempest


It’s the beginning of the end for Great Lakes Theater’s latest season. April 11 marks opening night for Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a show which wraps up GLT’s 2014-2015 run of shows.

Directed by Drew Barr, the show incorporates contextually accurate themes of astrology and mathematics while bringing in modern concepts and artwork. The set includes a large mirror box which serves to portray the storm in The Tempest. Costumes are more traditional, but use modern pattern combinations and creative depictions of less-human characters like Ariel.

According to Barr, Shakespeare is as relevant today as ever. “That which makes us human, as Shakespeare shows us time and time again, is our struggle to reconcile the enormity of our dreams with the exquisite vulnerability of our brief lives,” said Barr in his director’s note.

Deep stuff.

The show will take place at the Hanna Theater where, with its 550 seat thrust configuration, 12 rows is the furthest any audience member will be from the stage. The show runs from April 10-26, and tickets cost $13-70.

Stay tuned for a Cellar Door theater review of The Tempest next week.





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