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Joshua Jesty Debuts New Music Podcast on Cellar Door

11355576_10152840840146316_256749481_nPodcasts. They’re everywhere. Every standup comic has one. Every wannabe radio DJ has one. And as of late, there are a bunch popping up all over the place in Cleveland. There’s Loud in Cleveland, where Drew and Mike interview musicians about their craft, No Sleep In the CLE where yours truly talks to musicians, comedians, and whoever about whatever.

So why do we need another? Simple. There’s an awful lot of talk ABOUT Cleveland music, but nothing that really showcases the music itself! Enter Joshua Jesty. Josh has developed a new podcast that does just that. And it pure Jesty fashion, it’s title is definitely not into the whole brevity thing. “I made you a mix CD, why don’t you fall in love with me?” shines a light on tunes both new and old from bands right here in Cleveland. If this first episode is any indication, you’re going to be coming back to this again and again and again. Artists featured in the debut episode reach into all corners of the Cleveland quote/unquote rock scene, from These Knees to Marcus Alan Ward to Machine Go Boom to Beaten Awake. It’s a great collection of tunes with commentary from the Jesty himself throughout. So take a listen and stay tuned. We’ll be be debuting a new episode every Monday right here!




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