Following singer’s broken nose incident, Foxing continues tour to Cleveland (Thursday at Grog Shop)

Two days ago, Foxing had a nightmare of a show in Chicago when an audience member got pretty riled up, fought security and broke singer Conor Murphy’s nose.

The band took Murphy to the hospital, where he was told he wouldn’t be able to play trumpet for a bit. Then they started posting to Twitter with updates about the show, including a picture of the band’s bloody set list from the night.


Still, the guys in Foxing are a bunch of troopers. They are continuing forward with their tour, and stopping in Cleveland this Thursday, March 10.

Foxing has a pretty hectic tour schedule in support of their latest album, “Dealer.” “Ending up in a new city every day can be strange, lonely and a little disorienting,” said bassist Josh Coll. “Honestly though, the weirdest thing is recognizing a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I think the best thing you can do is not think about the length of the run and just take it day by day.”

They’ve performed in Cleveland twice in the past, and nothing has ever been as violent or aggressive as their experience in Chicago. Coll said that while they’re still fairly rowdy, dancing consists of what he calls a “chill mosh.”

The tours have led to different stories Coll likes to tell, like visiting secret beaches, or when they met Ron Jeremy wearing dirty Crocs (twice). When it comes to visiting Cleveland, Coll said he enjoyed the city overall. “The highway roads are a little wonky and the people are very nice,” he said. “We’ve met a lot of really nice people in Ohio.”
Catch Foxing live at the Grog Shop this Thursday, March 10.




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