CPT’s DanceWorks 2016 to begin this weekend

DanceWorks, Cleveland Public Theatre’s annual showcase of dance performances, kicks off on Thursday, March 17 with its first weekend of events.

Each week brings something new; this first weekend (March 17-19), both MorrisonDance and Elu Dance Company will perform wildly different shows. Morrison will perform their quirky, humorous dance show called “HUManIMALS,” which portrays different interpretations of animal behavior. Meanwhile, Elu will look at a slightly darker theme with their show “barefaced,” which retells the Cupid and Psyche myth.

“I think one of the amazing things about DanceWorks is that you have a completely different experience each week,” said Beth Woods, CPT’s associate artistic director. “Each local company has their own audience.”

After opening weekend, DanceWorks will continue into its second weekend with Inlet Dance Theatre, then move into week three with Verb Ballets. In DanceWork’s fourth week, CPT will collaborate with DANCECleveland to bring Dorrance Dance to the stage. Dorrance Dance is a New York-based tap dancing company which incorporates tap with other energetic dance forms, like club, street and experimental.

Now in its 15th year of existence, DanceWorks shows CPT’s commitment to local arts, not just theatre. “I think theatre refers to so many different experiences. I relate theatre more to experiences than just sitting in a dark room waiting for a play to start,” said Wood.

Wood thinks every show in this year’s DanceWorks lineup is worth attending. “I mean this honestly, I’m super excited to see all four local companies,” said Wood. “I love DanceWorks, it’s one of my favorite series we do.”

The performances are priced between $12-30, depending on the night of the event. Tickets can be purchased through CPT’s website.




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