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WEDNESDAY MATINEE: Forest & The Evergreens, Muamin Collective, Turnstyle Films

Forest and the Evergreens – Walkin’ (Acoustic)

Normally, I’m weary of acoustic videos. Often times, especially with local/regional acts, something gets lost in the stripped down sound. With this video of  Columbus band Forest & The Evergreens from “On The Couch Music”, the vulnerability works heavily to their advantage. Without flashy production work and studio tricks, the band proves that sometimes pure talent is enough.


Muamin Collective – DiG

Last month, Cellar Door favorites Muamin Collective released a video for the song DiG from the album of the same name. While the group has often performed with a live band accompanying them (Neil Chastain Trio), this is the first time they’ve recorded an entire album in this format. In these post election times, the video for DiG already feels nostalgic, in it they perform in low key spaces, hanging out with friends and having a good time without a care in the world. In a article written by Nikki Delamotte, lyricist Josiah Quarles says “‘Dig’ is about understanding the context, the history, that informs our shared realities.” As the song plays out Quarles repeats the line “You don’t want to escalate, I prefer we excavate.” Reading those words, hearing those lyrics and watching this video which was probably shot before everything we knew changed, one can’t help but fixate on the pole where the message “Don’t be too punk to vote asshole.”

TurnStyle Films 2007 Demo Reel

TurnStyle Films 2017 Demo Reel from TurnStyle Films on Vimeo.

The crew at TurnStyle films don’t seem to sleep. Whether it’s music videos, documentaries, or full blown feature films they always seem to be doing something, or everything all at the same time. Judging by the collective’s 2007 demo reel, this year was no exception. This is a fun look at the many different projects they worked on this year.





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