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WEDNESDAY MATINEE: Goldmines, Archie Green, and Kate Kooser

Goldmines – “New Mane”

It seems like the best bands in Cleveland break up. Buried Wires, Seafair, Likenesses, Megachurch, seems like every band I love, pulls the plug! Goldmines was almost one of those bands. They were on hiatus for what felt like a little too long for a minute there, but then all of a sudden, they were back. Last year they released a killer ep, and last week this video popped up!

Goldmines – “New Mane” from Max Look on Vimeo.

Archie Green – Layers

Late last year Archie Green released the track “Layers”, in it he delves into a subject that rarely get’s talked about in music at all let alone hip hop: mental health and depression. On a local level it definitely struck a chord, and his message began to spread. Channel 3 came calling, and then with the unfortunate but timely public mental health issues of Kid Cudi and Kanye West, the BBC came calling, and Vice came calling. 2017 looks like it will be quite the year for this up and coming Cleveland artist.

Kate Kooser – From Time to Time

I am fairly unfamiliar with the work of Kate Kooser. About two weeks ago I was working hard to get this site redesigned for the relaunch. Allie and the kids were asleep. It was late, probably after 2. I was pulling up random videos to listen to while I worked. One video ended, and this started playing next. Something about this song just struck me. Whenever the song ended, I kept starting it over again. The video has 32 views, and I swear at least 20 of them are from me that night. It’s a simple song about a lost love. Lyrics like “We don’t cross in the streets, I hope I sometimes cross your mind” and “The records that we played aren’t the ones I chose to keep” are sung beautifully over the sparse finger-picking of the singer.




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