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FREE TUNES TUESDAY: Poro – Exclusive Song Premiere

We love spreading the word about the music we’re into, both new and old. With this weekly series, we aim to deliver new/current music to you in a quick, consumable way. Every Tuesday, we’ll share some new music with you! Free Tunes Tuesday features more than just artists/bands with ties to Cellar Door, it’s a megaphone for whatever we’re hearing out there that we think should be heard more.

Artist: Poro

Track: Wings

EP: Treat Yourself

On Friday, January 20, Poro, the band fronted by multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Mark Porostosky, Jr. will release their debut “Treat Yourself” at the Beachland Tavern with Polars and Holden Laurence.

Mark, who is also in The Lighthouse and the Whaler has been prepping this release for quite some time, and after first listen, it’s well worth the wait.

The song “Wings” opens with simple stripped down percussive mandolin strums and hand claps and quickly opens up to lush instrumentation. By the song’s climax, “Wings” soars to Sufjan Stevens like heights as layers upon layers of vocal melodies, horns, guitars, and pianos stack on top of each other. The song goes a lot of places but never feels too busy over overwhelming while not overstaying it’s welcome. Clocking in at just under 4 minutes, the ground the song covers is a testament to Mark’s songwriting/arranging prowess.

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