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FREE TUNES TUESDAY: Saint Light releases first track “Learn”

We love spreading the word about the music we’re into, both new and old. With this weekly series, we aim to deliver new/current music to you in a quick, consumable way. Every Tuesday, we’ll share some new music with you! Free Tunes Tuesday features more than just artists/bands with ties to Cellar Door, it’s a megaphone for whatever we’re hearing out there that we think should be heard more.

Artist: Saint Light

Track: Learn

What happens when one of Cleveland’s best drummers puts down the sticks, picks up a guitar and gets behind a mic? Some pretty great stuff apparently. Saint Light is a new project from musician Anthony Foti. Foti is most known for drumming with Thaddeus Anna Green and Morgan Mecaskey.. Joined by ex-Humble Home band mate Jeff Sutton on bass and produced by Jakub Vanyo (Nonaphoenix), Saint Light’s first public offering is a slow burn groove; a singalong waiting to happen that slowly but surely opens up into a powerful instrumental interlude. As the song hits its peak, it pulls back just as quickly leaving the listener wanting more. You can download the track at the link above, and follow the band on Facebook here to find out just when we can expect more.




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