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Wednesday Matinee – Walker OG, GSOP, At the Drive In Live at the Grog

Golden Streets of Paradise – “Devil”

If you’ve been with Cellar Door for the long haul, than you know that we’re pretty big fans of this band. Golden Streets of Paradise are one of the few bands attempting the fill the giant radio station sized hole of missing rock bands in Cleveland. Their songs are infectious. Melody/chorus driven but huge sounding, which is even more impressive due to the fact that there is only two of them, but if you were to make a comparison to famous bands with roots in the area, these guys are more Trent than Black Keys.


Walker OG – “Bottles”

Walker OG has a charisma that’s hard to describe. I find myself unable to look away from his videos and from his live performance. The Cleveland rapper is also full of surprises. When his live performance was already engaging enough,  he added a live band that turn things up even more. When I see a song called “Bottles”,a part of me wants to roll my eyes at the hip-hop trope, but then after first watch I can’t stop listening to the song on repeat. Produced by Corey Grand, Walker OG effortlessly floats around the chill beat with ease.


At The Drive In – Live at the Grog Shop in 2000

With At The Drive In’s recent Cleveland show announcement, we’ve been digging into the band’s catalog again. In 2000 the band played to a jam packed Grog Shop, the OLD Grog Shop no less, and someone in all their wisdom, was ahead of their time and decided to film the entire concert instead of just enjoy it. You know, the way EVERYONE else does know a days? Regardless, we thank him for his service, because the entire performance is now up on youtube.




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