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WEDNESDAY MATINEE: Lauren Lanzaretta, Corduroy Season, The Modern Electric

Lauren Lanzaretta – “Something Won’t Let Me Drown”

Lauren Lanzaretta is back with a new tune. “Something Won’t Let Me Drown” is a stripped down, soul baring song that almost feels like a gospel tune. Lauren sings and plays the piano accompanied only by strings and the choir-esque harmonies of Jabtune. It’s the first single from her upcoming album “Deliverance” and definitely gives us something to forward to.

Corduroy Season – “War on Mae”

I’ve been a huge fan of this band for a couple of years now and I’m so excited that they finally recorded, with local production hero Jim Stewart no less (who also produced Lauren’s tune above btw.) Corduroy Season has a sound that is very specific and very unique, especially in Cleveland. As a band, you can tell they’re locked in and performing like one instrument. In fact, as this video suggests, a lot of their upcoming album was recorded live at the same time in one room.

The Modern Electric – Prowess Is Power (Instrumental)

The Modern Electric’s fondness for film has been something they’ve always worn on their sleeve. From their involvement in providing music for Cleveland International Film Festival, to their shooting a video for EVERY song on their album, to their logo that looks like a film festival award, they’ve always been loud and proud about their love of the craft. So it only makes sense that they’ve decided to create an instrumental version of their album. This might raise an eyebrow, or prompt the question of why, but as you watch their new video for the song “Prowess is Power”, it works. The song feels like the score of what’s going on on-screen, which just so happens to be a people singing karaoke.





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