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Six Album Release Shows in May You Don’t Want To Miss

There’s a lot going on in the Cleveland music community. But if you’re reading this website, than you already know that. This was originally going to be an article about all the great shows happening in May. But while researching, it was clear there were enough album release shows to fill an article alone. So here are some of the great albums and release shows happening in the month of may.


Holden Laurence Album Release Show with Bad Hounds & John’s Little Sister

Beachland Tavern / May 5, 2017 / 7:00pm / $10 DOS

We’ve already expressed how much we love Holden’s new stuff. When we premiered the first single from his new album we said “And when that album hits, it won’t be long before Holden Laurence becomes a household name hovering around the top of the list of Cleveland’s best.” After repeated listens (and we mean repeated) of this track along with the rest of the album, we still absolutely stand by this statement. As this post will illustrate, there are a LOT of great shows happening this weekend. But if we had to choose ONE to be at. This would be it.

ptlPart Time Lover Cassette Release Show with Glass Traps and John’s Little Sister

Beachland Tavern / May 13, 2017 / 8:00pm / $8

Part Time Lover made me feel again. As someone that’s been pretty involved with the Cleveland music community for a number of years, I’ve seen a ton of bands, booked a ton of bands, and seen those same ton of bands, a ton of times. So truthfully, sometimes it loses it’s spark a little bit. It becomes routine. And I found myself not being as into it anymore.  I really liked their first release so when they were playing at Happy Dog a few months ago, I made it a point to be there. It didn’t hurt that New Planet Trampoline and Herzog were also on the bill. Part Time Lover’s set was amazing. The songs are so good and the band was so good live. They reignited my passion for music again. I considered taking that last sentence out because it’s a bit melodramatic, but I can’t, because it’s totally true.


Ottawa EP Release Show with Surrounding Cities, Sweepyheads, and Paper Morning

Beachland Ballroom / May 6, 2017 / 7:30pm / $10 ADV – $12 DOS

There are some very talented bands in Cleveland, and some of those bands for all that talent have very little ambition. Ottawa is one of the exceptions. These guys work hard. Always grinding, always recording, always playing shows in and out of town, from their music videos to their stage aesthetics, to of course, their music – Ottawa take what they’re doing seriously.  “Small Talk”, their new EP is no exception. Check out their video below.


Fits of Hail Record Release with Banging Fragiles and Sleepy Kid

Happy Dog / May 4, 2017 / 9:00pm / $5

Fits of Hail is the perfect soundtrack for a day like today. It’s a little chilly but the windows are still open, it’s overcast and the storm clouds are gliding by. The tracks on their new album have an early Sun Kil Moon vibe. It’s definitely speaking to my early 2000’s-college-rock-sad-bastard music phase, and I say that as a huge compliment. Get out on a Thursday and check out this band of local music veterans along with the always enjoyable Banging Fragiles and Sleepy Kid.

17991509_643134099220781_8082989965998893303_oThe Moxies EP Release Party with Trios and Johnny in the Grave

Platform Concert Series at Lake Effects / May 27, 2017 / $10

The Moxies name might be the most appropriate name for a band ever, because they’ve got it, by the truckload. The Moxies bring their swagger to the Platform Concert Series this month where they’ll release their new ep. They’ve been making the rounds in Cleveland more than usual these days, so if you missed it, this is the show you’ll want to be at.


Charlie Mosbrook CD Release Concert with Kate Kooser, David Krauss, and Brendan O’Mally (Honeybucket)

Nighttown / May 2, 2017 / $10 / 7:00pm

Charlie Mosbrook is a staple of not just the Cleveland folk scene, but of the entire music community. Not only has Charlie taken his music all over the country, appeared in national publications and taught workshops, but he’s hosted open mics for as long as I can remember, doing his part to give a helping hand to the upcoming artists in town. It was 16 years ago when I showed up at he old arabica at Case to perform at his open mic. It was my first time playing solo, and he was as gracious as could be. On Tuesday he headlines Nighttown for the first time.




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