Mixtape Masterpiece: Stephanie Trivison of These Knees


For this week’s Mixtape Masterpiece, These Knees singer/guitarist/songwriter Stephanie Trivison shares with us some of her favorite Cleveland tunes. These Knees has been clocking some great shows this year. On Tuesday they’ll be performing at the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues for free, alongside Tom Evanchuck and Hawkeye. They’re performing at Cleveland Rocks the Ballot Box, an event put together by the Cleveland Young Professional Senate to remind everyone to register to vote on Voter Registration Day. Admission is free and there will be light appetizers and a cash bar. More info about the event can be found HERE.

Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 9.09.28 AMCleveland’s music scene is filled to the brim with talented and hardworking musicians and songwriters. You name a genre, we have it. So desperate to get your teenage pop-punk band a show, that you book a venue on the third floor of a building with no elevator and a small staircase? (Looking at you, The Pit.) We’ve all done it. But the best part of this scene, something you’re not likely to find in LA or NYC, is the community. Everyone knows everyone. And most bands actually support the other bands. So here are 5 songs from bands that These Knees has been fortunate enough to share the stage with, and more importantly, great people and great musicians who we are blessed to now call our friends.

Welshly Arms – “The Touch”

Back in April, Welshly Arms and These Knees filmed a yet-to-be-released series of live performances. WA performed “The Touch” 4-5 times for the film crew to capture the appropriate amount of footage. And they were incredible every time. “The Touch” is soaking in attitude and soul, and sounds as though it’s been lit on fire. These guys are stellar musicians and their live show is a must-see.

Cities & Coasts – “What I Want”

Growing up on Cleveland’s WMJI 105.7, I became addicted to feel-good melodies and layered harmonies. Songwriter Nathan Hedges is bringing back that 60’s west coast pop vibe with his latest project Cities & Coasts. “What I Want” is the perfect summer road trip song. Look for his debut “Postcards from the Great Lakes” to release soon. From the songs I’ve heard, it will easily be one of my favorite Cleveland albums.

Midnight Passenger – “All of Us”

These guys have been around for a while, but I first met them a year ago at the Cellar Door Mixer. Tony passed around copies of “All of Us,” and on my drive home I realized that behind that rad beard was the seasoned voice of a denim-loving angel. Midnight Passenger makes writing big hooks look like a breeze. We’ve had the good fortune to play with them on a few occasions now, and I always find myself singing along. Great guys, great songs. Congrats to their newly married guitarist, Dan!


The Promise Hero – “Winning or Losing”

In recent years, Bobby and I have helped round out each other’s bands, and sang on each other’s recordings. I’ve always been impressed with Bobby’s ambitious songwriting and use of vocal harmonies, and I had the chance to put my favorite TPH song to the test when producer Jamie Woolford (of The Stereo) came to town for the “Deja Vu” Album release party. This is the throwback of the bunch, but the songs on his latest release are just as fun!


The Modern Electric – “Mistakes”

“Mistakes” is a song that can, and should, be in a Wes Anderson film. The Modern Electric are nailing their self-coined Cinematic Pop genre. Garrett’s ability to convey emotion is enviable, and the slightly out of tune acoustic guitar adds a ton of character. We played with TME at the inaugural Fashion Meets Music Festival a few weeks ago, but I first saw them at The Beachland Ballroom, and I haven’t stopped singing this chorus since.



Justin is the co-owner of Cellar Door. A man of many hats.