Wednesday Matinee (Dan Miraldi, Joshua Jesty, Restless Habs)



Dan Miraldi / “Parallel Universe” / Cold Robot Studios

Dan Miraldi is back with a new single. On Parallel Universe, Miraldi takes his on point pop sensibilities and dips them in a part retro, part dance sheen. The video shows Miraldi and Nights’ singer Jenna Fournier exist (or not exist) in various planes and dimensions. It was produced by Cold Robot Studios with additional visual effects from Zach Christy, is as slick as the song. You can purchase the song here.


Joshua Jesty / “Hate To Say It” / EP: Now Is The Time of our Awkwardness

“Hate To Say It” is the last track of Joshua Jesty’s most recent ep Now Is The Time Of Our Awkwardness.  When I’m looking for a Jesty track to listen to, often times I start with the last track on his releases. There’s often something unusually special about that last track and “Hate To Say It” is no exception. What Josh gets right that I haven’t seen many other local artists, if any accomplish is subtlety. There are few local rock bands, or rock records with great slow songs. It seems like these days you either play loud fast music, or slow and quiet, but Jesty seems to be able to master both ends of the spectrum. You can listen to/purchase this ep here.

Restless Habs / “B-Ware” / Album: No Way To Hide Your Tracks / Video: Tom Kondilas for LESS Productions

Restless Habs come out swinging on this one. “B-Ware” wastes no time kicking in to its driving riffs and vocals. The video cuts between the band performing and a motley crew of characters partaking in some chaotic rollerball. This song reminds me of Hot Water Music, and that’s one of the highest compliments I could give any band.



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