Alan Madej releases new album “Call Me Home”



After putting out 8 self-released albums spanning the last 16 years, Alan Madej has lost none of his steam, but a lot has changed over the past decade and a half. On Call Me Home Madej emerges with his most polished work to date. Madej has stepped up to the plate to keep his music sounding the best possible throughout the years as the way that consumers listen to music changes.

All of his past releases were remixed and re-mastered back in 2013 by audio engineer Charlie Loudin to be made available online. Madej has become in a way, his own cataloger, putting all of the information onto websites like Bandcamp that would once have been found written on the inside of CD jacket sleeves. It’s a real format-eat-format world out there, folks.

But let’s focus on the future– Madej’s upper register has always been a constant, continuing in prominence on Call Me Home. Madej’s voice anchors him between his more traditional folk-pop predecessors and a tendency towards the simplicity found in contemporary alternative folk. Madej celebrates the new album at a record release party on April 11 at The Happy Dog Euclid Tavern with Kid Tested and The Pistolettes.

The first single “Sing Love” (available now via bandcamp) sounds like a twisted Tiny Tim rendition of a Beatles tune, super-soaked in psychedelia. The track was recorded over several sessions, mixed and mastered by Loudin. Alex Madej, Alan’s brother, plays bass and drums on the song and also illustrated the John Kricfalusian inspired album release show poster with the band looking like caricatures straight out of Ren and Stimpy.

Listen to “Beautiful Star”, the lead track off Call Me Home and an exclusive to Cellar Door. Come celebrate the release at 8:30 p.m. this Saturday at 11625 Euclid Ave. for $5; RSVP via Facebook Event.


Rachel Hunt

Rachel Hunt is a very important young professional & college graduate. She DJs on WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland and has been a part of the Cleveland DIY scene for many years, organizing and volunteering at various grassroots arts & music festivals. Rachel loves her cat, laughing very loudly, and generally not taking things too seriously.