NEWS: A Message From Cellar Door


It’s with a bitter sweetness that we announce that we’ve decided to shut down the management/label side of Cellar Door. We thought long and hard about the future of Cellar Door, our vision and what we hope to become and this is a logical step in that process.

We’ve gotten to a point where there’s just too much on our plate to be effective in all areas. And we’d rather be amazing at a few things rather than pretty good at a whole bunch of things. The site will continue, we’ll still do Cellar Door presents shows, we’ll still do Rendezvous (which was an astounding success this year), we’ll still do all we can to elevate the local music in Cleveland. In fact, we have some big changes in store, so stay tuned for some rather large announcements soon.

With that said – Ohio Sky, The Commonwealth, So Long Albatross and Midnight Passenger are all amazing bands. Like insanely good bands. It’s been awesome to work with these guys and do what we could to raise their profiles and get their music to the people. In fact, I’m sure we’ll continue to work with them and promote everything they do, just not on such an exclusive level. Like them on Facebook, go to their shows, and buy their music because it’s actually a disservice to YOU not to.That’s all, thanks for reading this. Stay tuned for what the future has in store for Cellar Door.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have –

Justin Markert and the Cellar Door team



Justin is the co-owner of Cellar Door. A man of many hats.