Brite Winter Announces New Location and Other 2016 Details


Brite Winter is probably Cleveland’s biggest, most successful arts and music festival. Last year’s event boasted 50+ bands across 10 venues with an estimated attendance reaching 25,000 all despite being held outside in the dead of a Cleveland winter. Many people may have the impression that Brite Winter is an Ohio City festival. This makes sense since that’s where it’s been the last few years, and that’s where it transformed to the behemoth it has become. But the truth is, that’s not where it started, and that’s not where it will end.

Today Brite Winter announced that this year, they’re taking it back to where it all began (kind of), the west bank of the Flats. On February 20th 2016, Brite Winter will occupy a chunk of land surrounding the Harbor Inn, McCarthy’s and the adjacent parking lots under the bridge.


Announcing the news on their website, the Brite Winter team said:

When we moved to Ohio City, it provided amazing partners, successful businesses, and friendly neighbors. The neighborhood bought into building a new Cleveland winter, and Brite grew because of that cooperation. We are forever grateful to Ohio City for the last five years, especially since many of you joined the Brite parade because of Ohio City.

Now the next phase of Brite: back to where it started. Like those favorite songs, the Flats still speak to us. We can’t help but play it again. The Flats are a different place than five years ago, but it still has that unique mix of beauty, industry, and Cleveland that landed Brite there in the first place. We hope you’ll rediscover this totally Cleveland neighborhood with us. Read the whole announcement here.

Brite Winter is celebrating their announcement tonight on location at McCarthy’s where they will be hosting a launch party. Cleveland band, and Brite favorite from last year Nonaphoenix will be performing live. Get the details and RSVP on facebook HERE.



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