CLEVELAND June 18, 2012 – Cleveland record label Cellar Door Records will celebrate the opening of their new space at the Loftworks building in Asiatown on July 27, 2012 with a night of live Cleveland music. Artists performing at the grand opening include Cleveland favorites The Modern Electric, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Humble Home, and Brian Straw. The evening will also be a launch party for their new Cleveland entertainment blog, www.cellardoorcle.com.

In addition to the day-to-day operations of the label and blog, the Cellar Door space will be home to a record store that will exclusively sell Cleveland music, as well as a large performance space for shows. The Loftworks building is located on the corner of East 40th and Payne, in the emerging neighborhood of Asiatown, and is already home to many arts-focused companies including The Proximity Gallery, GAP Communications, TAP Studios, and others.

“Of course we’ll continue to put out music,” says label co-owner Justin Markert, “but we’re all very excited about our new endeavors as well.  CellarDoorCLE.com aims to serve as an entertainment hub for the goings-on in Cleveland. We’ll feature everything from local concerts to the arts, film, and fictional writing.”  CellarDoorCLE.com won’t just be about event details and press releases; they have solidified a roster of creative writers including co-owner Rick Fike, who will help manage the blog from Western Massachusetts, where he currently resides. Lastly, an original video series featuring live music is in the works, along with big plans for the holidays.



In 2002, good friends Justin Markert and Rick Fike opened a coffee shop in small town Madison Ohio called Cellar Door Coffee & Music. The 135 capacity room served as a catalyst for the arts, an organic space taking many shapes and forms. Sometimes it was an art gallery, showing the work of a local painter, sometimes a comedy club during an amateur open mic, but mostly it was a music venue. Bands were booked on a weekly basis. Everything from acoustic singer-songwriters to four band hardcore shows. Dozens of nationally touring bands came through Cellar Door, opening the eyes of it’s clientel to a world of music they had never experienced before. We wanted tangible evidence of this creative music scene that had sprung up in rural Madison, thus Cellar Door Records was born.

Cellar Door Records Volume I had a run of 125 copies. Printed and put together by hand, the compilation contained two tracks from six of our favorite artists. A CD release show was thrown, the artists performed and the CD was given out for free. We sold the coffee shop and went back to our normal lives.
In 2007, Justin and Rick regrouped with partner Adam Butcher to officially re-launch Cellar Door Records. The label was reborn at the Beachland Ballroom on March 3, 2007, with the official release of Cellar Door Records Volume II. We got lots of press, had a run of 1000 CDs printed and drew a great crowd in one of the most respected venues in town.

In the following years, the label booked regular shows at both the Beachland and the Grog Shop, and released 4 albums: Oh No, Wait A Minute by The Frozen Hellsicles, Kill the Lights by The Slow Blade, Go Forward by Keith Vance, and Anonymous Disaster by Justin Markert.

2011 was a banner year for Cellar Door Records. Cellar Door Records Volume III, another compilation of Cleveland music was released and boasted 15 artists including The Modern Electric, Humble Home, The Lighthouse and The Whaler, e.react and more. Cellar Door Records was voted “Best Record Label” in Cleveland Scene’s “Best of 2011″, and the label was featured on State of the RE:Union, a nationally syndicated NPR program.

2012 began a new era. Expanding it’s team by adding Allie Markert and writer, Nikki Delamotte, Cellar Door opened a performance space in the Loftworks building in AsiaTown and launched an online Cleveland Arts magazine at www.cellardoorcle.com. The company celebrated the launch of the site and the grand opening of the Cellar Door space with a show/party featuring performances from The Modern Electric, Humble Home, The Lighthouse and the Whaler and Brian Straw.

In 2013, the company landed a full two page profile in Cleveland Scene, sold out two nights in a row at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern for – Cellar Door Rendezvous, a Cleveland Music Festival signed local bands So Long, Albatross and The Commonwealth, and won “Best Local Promoter” in Cleveland Scene’s Best of Cleveland. And it’s not even May yet.